Limited Indoor Mold Assessments (LIMAs)

If you've had a moisture problem in your house, whether it be from a burst boiler or a breach in the roof, there is a chance that mold has taken the opportunity to take root. G7 offers comprehensive testing services to investigate the extent of a potential mold problem and make sure that it has been eradicated after remediation.


Up until the 1970s, many homes were constructed with building materials that contain asbestos. Undisturbed asbestos does not pose a health risk but when the materials are disturbed, as in home renovations, asbestos fibers can cause respiratory problems. G7 can inspect your house to identify potential asbestos-containing materials that would require careful handling.

Lead-Based Paint
Most original houses built before 1978 contain lead-based paints that can pose a health risk when they begin to degrade or if small children play with them. If you suspect that your house contains lead-based paint, G7 can test either specific areas or representative painted surfaces around the house to definitively identify surfaces with lead-based paint.

If you have a concern about your house that hasn't been mentioned here, please feel free to contact us and we will work with you to address it!

Services for Homeowners

G7 helps homeowners ensure a healthy and safe living environment.