Remediation and Decontamination

When an accident or environmental issue happens at a site, G7 is there to help you create a plan of action to return the property to a usable conditon that meets all applicable state and federal requirements. Then, we'll perform testing necessary to prove it.


Environmental Management and Facility Remediation / Decontamination

  •         CERCLA-Superfund
  •         Remediation Design, Including Plans and Specifications
  •         Feasibility Studies
  •         Site Remediation and Closure Projects
  •         Facility Decontamination
 Underground /Aboveground Storage Tank Investigations
Investigatation, Design, and Managment of Site Cleanup That Requires Waste Removal
Clandestine  Methamphetamine Lab Assessment
       Pre-Cleanup Testing and Cleanup Certification
Supervising Asbestos Removal
Removing storage tank

Removal of an underground gasoline storage tank

Inspecting clandestine meth lab

Inspecting a house which had been used as a clandestine methamphetamine lab